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Why take a pause?

Our lifestyles are growing increasingly sedentary, especially at work, which is leading to health concerns. The most common culprits for sick leave and presenteeism at work today? Mental health issues caused by high stress, followed by pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. But there’s a solution – introducing more movement and taking more breaks from screen time can make a huge difference!

  • Less pain and stiffness
  • More focus
  • More energy

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Webinar: Harness the Power of Pausing in 20 Minutes

  • What are the effects of prolonged sitting on the body?
  • The positive impacts of integrating more movement into your daily routine
  • Introducing Pausit: Your partner in promoting healthier work habits
  • Interactive Q&A session

Join us as we explore the toll a sedentary lifestyle takes on our health. Receive practical tips on how to incorporate more activity into your daily routine, and get acquainted with Pausit – our innovative break program designed to enhance your work-life balance.

Looking forward to your participation!
Henry Bempfylde

“Pausit really helps to take that much needed break.”
Linnéa Nilsson, Health strategist / City of Borås
“Pausit is cool!”
Conny Wilén, IS Sourcing Manage / ABB
“Healthier employees and a more enjoyable working day!”
Region Sörmland
"Finally, I've got my very own personal trainer!"
Gunilla Melstad, HR Manager / Diakonia